How to secure your account

How to secure your account

This tutorial is intended to show you how to secure your Summoners Wars starter account once you purchase it.

Step 1

Once you're at the login screen click on the "Connect with Hive" button


Step 2

Once at the credential screen, input the login details we've sent to your email. It will most likely ask you to confirm a few login details like cookies and preferences, accept them and log in.


Step 3

Once in your accounts summoner's island, check that your account is correct and you recieved the correct monster. Now go ahead and click on the top left box with your name on it.


Step 4

Once here please click on the "Com2Us Hive" option to access your Hive account details.


Step 5

Once on this screen, click on the blue gear on the right side of the screen.


Step 6

Click on modify and add your own email account and change the details to your liking, once confirmed that the address is correct you can go ahead and confirm it.

That's it! The account is 100% secured and yours, make sure to change your password afterwards.


If you have any trouble following these steps please contact us at:
Discord: givesteroids



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